Collingwood Beach banksias – pruned and poisone


This is the submission that Bruce McKenzie presented on our behalf before Councillor Cash brought a motion to the council to defer any decision for a month in order to achieve a compromise. The motion was carried.

3 Minutes Speaking Notes for Save Collingwood Beach Presentation to Council


We have been notified that the latest Collingwood Beach Report can be found here.



Please read the letter we have written to Shoalhaven City Councillors to remind them of our collective position before the scheduled meeting at the Ulladulla Civic Centre on the 22nd of August.

Collingwood Dune Management Planning


Collingwood Beach, a 2.5km stretch of foreshore at Vincentia NSW overlooking Jervis Bay, has had a chequered history of natural state, housing development, storm damage, remediation, care and vandalism.

Following years of increasing tree vandalism along the dune reserve and steady pressure on Shoalhaven City Council by beachfront property property owners, protecting our beach has taken on a new urgency.

Council is proposing to exhibit a dune vegetation management plan that will result in clearing, hedging, pruning and removal of trees and shrubs across 96% of the 1.5 km beachfront between Susan St and Moona Moona Creek.

Purely to satisfy a demand for panoramic views from Beachfront property owners!

Such a plan will set a precedent for management of dunes and other foreshore reserves across the Shoalhaven region.  It will only encourage widespread illegal poisoning and cutting to force a similar policy outcome under Council sanction.

This site is a community-driven response to what is becoming Council-sanctioned vandalism of our precious beach, providing a source of information for an issue close to the heart of residents and visitors to Jervis Bay.


Another dead banksia